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Using a Travel Agent - What are the Benefits?

Whether you're a seasoned traveler seeking new adventures or a first-time explorer looking for guidance, using a travel agent can be beneficial. In this blog, we'll delve into the benefits of using an agent to help plan your trip.

Why should I use an agent to help with my trip? Can’t I do it myself?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and frankly I asked it myself before I finally took the plunge and used one. Well, the answer is simple. When you work with a travel agent you’re getting their expertise and knowledge about your destination, and assistance with those unpleasant tasks related to planning your trip. You want a stress free trip, and we want to ensure that you have one.

Some of the things an agent can do for you are:

✨Offer advice on times/dates to avoid.

✨Help with choosing/booking a resort.

✨Make suggestions for your itinerary.

✨Reserve fun “extras” like parties, special events or dining.

✨Monitor for discounts and have them applied to your package.

✨Answer questions during the planning process.

How much does it cost to use a travel agent?

Getting help with your trip sounds pretty great, right? Well if you’re like me you’re always thinking of the bottom line, and how much each part of your trip is going to cost. Well the great news is that using an agent is complementary when you book with them! Suppliers like Universal, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and many others have a fee already built-in to all of their pricing. So, whether you book your trip on your own or with an agent – the price will be the same. Your agent will be paid by the supplier after you travel in exchange for the work they do helping you have a stress free trip.

In addition to an agent’s cost being nothing, using an agent may actually SAVE you money. Suppliers like Disney and Universal are always announcing promotions. Once you’ve booked your trip, if one of these promos comes out that could apply to your reservation, those suppliers aren’t going to call you and let you know. Your agent, on the other hand, is going to monitor these deals and immediately try to apply the best possible discount to your reservation. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are always going to get the best deal.

How do I go about getting an agent to work with?

Once you’ve decided you’d like free, expert help with your trip, you’ll want to know how the process works. FIrst, find an agent that specializes in the destination you’d like to travel to. If you’d like our help, fill out this form to get started. Once you’re connected to an agent you’ll work through all the details of your trip. After the details are nailed down and you’re ready to book, the agent will place your booking directly with the supplier in your name. Important: agents need to place the booking in order to get paid and to be able to help you with help along the way. Your agent will provide you with confirmation of your booking quickly after it is completed. Then, you should get lots of information about your destination and be available to answer any questions you think of. When the time comes, they can help reserve extras like dining if you’d like and offer guidance about things like Genie+. As you get closer to your check-in day they’ll help you tie up any loose ends and make sure you are set for a stress free arrival. Finally, you show up for your vacation and see the smiles on the faces of your family, you’ll be so thankful that you used an agent.

What if you’ve already booked your trip and now you want to use an agent?

Good news! We may still be able to help. Many suppliers will let you transfer the booking to an agent, if it meets a few requirements. If you’d like to check and see if that applies to your trip, you can message us here.

Hopefully this blog has given you some insight into the many benefits of using a travel agent. We hope you’ll trust us to turn your travel dreams into reality with our expertise and assistance!

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Jul 09, 2023

Great explanation as to why getting an agent is a great idea! Will definitely be looking into an agent once I am ready to start planning our Disney trip!


Michelle Landini
Michelle Landini
Jul 07, 2023

Great read and tips

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