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Split Stays at Disney World

A split stay at Disney refers to staying at two different Disney resorts during one vacation. This could involve staying at one Disney resort for part of your trip and then moving to another Disney resort for the remainder. There are a few reasons why people opt for split stays at Disney:

  1. Variety: Disney World has a variety of resorts, each with its own theme, amenities, and atmosphere. Staying at multiple resorts allows guests to experience different themes and atmospheres during their vacation.

  2. Availability: Sometimes, guests may not find availability for their entire vacation duration at one particular resort, so they opt for a split stay to accommodate their preferred dates.

  3. Budget: Split stays can sometimes help guests manage their budget better by choosing more affordable accommodations for part of their stay and then indulging in a more luxurious resort for the remainder.

  4. Convenience: If guests want to experience different areas of Disney World, a split stay can be more convenient than constantly commuting from one end of the resort to another.

  5. Special Offers: Disney occasionally offers promotions or discounts on resort stays. Guests may choose to split their stay to take advantage of different offers available at different resorts.

Regardless of the reasons, Disney's reservation system allows guests to book stays at multiple resorts during their vacation, making it relatively easy to plan a split stay if desired.

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