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How to do Disney with Teens and Enjoy It!

Disney has captured the hearts of visitors for generations. While many associate Disney with younger children, it's important to remember that the magic doesn't fade as your kids transition into their teenage years. In fact, it can be as memorable an experience for teenagers as it is for younger children. Disney parks have a unique ability to transport individuals of all ages into a world of imagination and wonder. When visiting with teenagers, the key lies in striking a balance between thrilling experiences, downtime, and family bonding. By tailoring the trip to your teens' interests while still embracing the timeless magic of Disney, you can ensure an unforgettable adventure that will be cherished for years to come.

1. The Perfect Blend of Thrills and Classics:

Disney parks are home to a myriad of attractions, ranging from heartwarming classics to adrenaline-pumping roller coasters. With teenagers, finding the right balance between both is key. While your teen may enjoy the exhilarating drops of the Tower of Terror, don't miss out on the timeless charm of "it's a small world." Discuss with your teens which attractions they're most excited about and ensure that you cover a mix of their preferences and iconic Disney experiences.

2. Embrace the Culinary Adventure:

Disney parks aren't just about rides and shows; they offer a culinary journey like no other. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore a wide array of cuisines and treats. Let your teens have a say in selecting restaurants, trying unique snacks, and indulging in character dining experiences. It's a chance to tantalize their taste buds while making delicious memories.

3. Flexibility and Downtime:

While it's tempting to fit in as many attractions as possible, remember that teenagers appreciate downtime too. Factor in breaks for resting, people-watching, or simply enjoying your resort. A great option is creating a craft at your resort. This will give you the chance to recharge and bond with your teens over casual conversations or sharing stories. Plus, a tired teen (or parent) is a grumpy teen and no one wants that.

4. Thriving in the Nighttime Magic:

Disney parks come alive in a whole new way at night. The twinkling lights, illuminated parades, and mesmerizing fireworks displays are not to be missed. Allow your teens to experience the enchantment of the park after dark, creating an entirely different and equally magical atmosphere. The teen years are perfect for staying until the park closes!

5. Cultivate Family Bonding:

A Disney trip with teenagers is a fantastic opportunity for family bonding. Engage in meaningful conversations during queue lines, share your own Disney memories, and participate in group activities. Whether it's solving puzzles at Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom or working together to pilot the Millennium Falcon in Galaxy's Edge, these experiences will create lasting connections with your kids that will last long after your trip ends.

Disney with teens isn’t the same as Disney with younger children, but that doesn’t make it less magical. If you include your kids in the planning of the trip you can have a great trip and make wonderful memories as a family.

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